Saturday, 17 January 2015

#Gabi-Fresh Swimwear

I love sharing articles from fellow bloggers once in a while..This time i'm amazed by the beauty of the Gabi-fresh sexy swimwear for my curvy lovelies..All credits to Edith 'stylehasnosize' and her one of her kind blog..
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


It's a shoe heaven thing and what comes to mind first? I will help you with that..Its one of the famous shopping malls of Dubai level shoe district. Don't you just want to catch that flight and do some little shopping?
Enjoy your day...


Monday, 12 January 2015


An interesting article i read this week about the future of face-creams. Creams will be smarter, smarter? oh yes smarter it is. Atleast thats what Steve Shiel beauty specialist and reseacher at P&G where among other things OLAZ and Max Factor are produced. Thanks to technology creams will only work on facial areas where it's needed. For instance your skin lacks nourishment and moisture. So thats where the creams comes in and does its magic in only nourishing or moisturizing areas which need the neccessities..
Don't we just love technology? I do, so I can't wait do some try outs..Obsessed with beautiful skin...
In meantime lay back and keep your ears and eyes open, coz it's about to happen..



Saturday, 10 January 2015

# To the Genties

Obviously I don't write/share enough articles for the Genties (followers) and as among a few resolutions for 2015 , I prefer actually naming them to'do's, goals, Resolution pretty sounds overrrated to me, not forgetting the depressing Blue Monday ahead of us to just remind us how we suck with resolutions. Having said that I promise to share some news once in a while and so I thought to drop an article for you male fans since ofcourse you are also great supporters. And ofcourse ladies for your man...
The pics tell it all, the celeb gents modelling in famous brands and ofcourse in their torso..So are the Fashionwithdaisy Genties inspired and going shopping for them boxers or you rather go to the Gym get those torso's ironed up?

Till next time...

Enjoy your Saturday...